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The 3 Basic Finger Grips For Bowling

There are 3 different ways that you can hold onto a bowling ball and each one effects your release differently.

the conventional grip
If you have ever used a house ball at the bowling alley then you are familiar with the conventional grip. In this type of grip, the fingers and thumb are inserted into the bowling ball up to the second knuckle joints. Typically, it is recommended that bowlers learn this type of grip when they first start bowing because it is the easiest grip to use and it provides the most control on the ball. This grip also provides a greater feeling of security and confidence.

the fingertip grip
In the fingertip grip, the fingers are inserted into the ball only up to the first knucke joint. This increases the distance between the fingers and the thumb which gives the fingers more time in the ball. Because the fingers stay in the ball longer, more ‘lift’ is given to the ball giving it more power when it hits the pins.

The fingertip grip is harder to control than the conventional grip but gives more power when the ball hits the pins because of the spin that is imparted on the ball. More strength and control is needed when using the fingertip grip so it should not be used until a bowler has reached full control over the conventional grip.

the semi-fingertip grip
The semi-fingertip grip is very similar to the fingertip grip with one slight difference. The fingers are inserted into the ball so that the lip of the finger hole is halfway between the first and second knuckle. The extra bit of finger in the ball gives more feeling of security as the conventional grip while still having the power of the fingertip grip. One drawback is trying to maintain the grip so it doesn’t slip to the first knuckle.


  1. The fingertip grip the one I am really good at. But I will try other grips as well! Thanks!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Well, i use the finger tip grip, but my thumb’s skin on the inside bottom is completely off. what do i do?

    1. PerfectBowling.com says:

      You might want to try tape on the inside of the ball. Another option is to try tape around your thumb to get a consistent grip while not making your thumb worse.

    2. John says:

      Go to a better driller and fix the ball

      1. r0n says:

        Amen brother.

    3. Jim says:

      Go back to the person who drilled it and they will or should work with you on adjusting or correcting it when possible.

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