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The 4 Keys To Perfect Bowling

There is nothing finer in bowling than to make a perfect delivery of the bowling ball that leads to the perfect strike. There are 4 basic principles that must be achieved for each roll of the ball to get that strike.

Principle #1 – The approach must be smooth and in perfect timing

To bowl well, it starts with a smooth, rhythmic approach. The steps to the foul line will lead the bowler in perfect motion and timing for the ball to pass the ankle and finally release the ball. Regardless of how many steps you take to the foul line, it should be with balance and in exact timing with the rest of your body.

Principle #2 – The body must be in line with your target not the lane
Keep your body square with your intended target. So if you are aiming at the 7 pin, then your body should be facing that pin. It will hinder and possibly throw off your shot if your body is in line with the lane and not the pin.

Principle #3 – The release must have spin (hooking ball)
This is probably the most difficult part of the ball delivery because it takes place in a fraction of a second and must be done exactly when the ball is being released. Right at the precise moment when the ball passes the ankle, the thumb must exit the ball first. Then a fraction of a second later, the fingers must impart lift on the ball as they come out of the finger holes to execute the proper spin on the ball so it will hit strong on the pins.

Principle #4 – Keep your eyes on the target
It is essential to keep looking at the intended target through the ball delivery. It is even recommended to keep looking at the target until the ball is halfway down the lane to ensure an accurate release. If you look up to soon, the body will naturally follow where your eyes go.

These 4 principles are necessary in every shot. While there are other factors that will have a bearing in your bowling, these principles are at the foundation of every ball delivery. If you want to get better at bowling than this is where you want to start.

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