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5 Tips On Selecting A Bowling Ball

Selecting A Bowling BallBowling balls come in a variety of materials and compositions today. There are aggressive balls that are favorable to wide high rev strikes and then there are those that are more favorable to subtle inside line strikes. For anyone looking to find a bowling ball, it is not as easy as people think. The key is to know who you are as a bowler and selecting a bowling ball that matches your style. But most people think a bowling ball is a bowling ball. How much difference can it make? Well, ask any serious bowler and they will tell you it can mean the difference from being a great bowler and an average bowler.

The following 5 tips are things to keep in mind when you are ready to buy your bowling ball.

#1 A heavier bowling ball is not always the best bowling ball
It is a big mistake selecting a bowling ball that is heavier than what you can handle. All too often amateur bowlers select 16 pound bowling balls because their egos won’t let them select a ball any lighter. This is a very dangerous way of selecting a bowling ball because there is a risk of injury. Also, if the ball is much heavier than what you can manage, it is harder to control the ball. Remember, you are rolling the ball potentially 23 times in one game. After a while, your arm gets tired and your game can be affected.

A good trick to finding the best weight ball for you is to simulate the arm swing motion with weights or other object equivalent to the bowling ball weight you want to use. First stand tall and hold the object with your bowling hand. Next, swing the object back and forth. Do this 23 times and see how your arm feels when you are done. If it is sore or tired then you need to reduce the weight. If your arm still feels good and you feel like you can repeat the movement about a hundred times then it’s too light. When you get the correct weight, your arm will not feel tired or sore but will feel like it can continue a few more times.

#2 Get the best ball possible for your style
I know it is very appealing to be able to bowl like the pros and produce wide hooking strikes that crash into the pins and scatter them all over the deck. Unfortunately, we can’t all bowl like that. We are all different and when looking for a bowling ball we need to find one that fits our style and our preferred bowling technique. So you may not be like Jason Couch or Brian Himmler who both have wide hooking shots not to mention a ton of power. But your style may be more like Walter Ray Williams Jr. who may not produce the most spectacular hooks but he is unmatched in accuracy and consistency.

#3 Talk to others about the bowling balls they use
Find those who have a similar style to your own and find out what ball they use. Ask them why they selected that ball and how it has helped their game. Also ask them what kinds of problems they face using it. Even better would be to find someone who has a similar bowling style to yours and ask if you can tryout their ball. Hopefully they will have a similar grip as well.

#4 Consider the lane conditions you will bowl on
Not all bowling alleys are created equal and certainly the lane conditions are not created equal. Ask yourself where you will be doing the most bowling. Will it be on the same lanes week after week in a bowling league? Will it be at different bowling alleys in tournaments? Will it be both? Where ever you plan on bowling the most, consider the lane conditions there. For fast lanes that have a lot of oil you want a ball that can handle that. If you will do most of your bowling on a combination of lane conditions, it may be worthwhile to invest in 2 different bowling balls for different lane conditions.

#5 Seek the advice of a well known pro shop
The guys who work the pro shop should become your best bowling friend. They are usually former bowlers themselves with amateur titles or even former pro bowlers. See what line of bowling balls they carry and why they sell them. Ask if they recommend a certain ball. Many times they are willing to help you in selecting a bowling ball. Another great resource is an online bowling store like Bowling.com. You will be able to find reviews and details about the bowling balls you are considering buying. Also, you can compare prices between different bowling balls.

So, when you start looking around for your next bowling ball think about these 5 tips and you should have no problem narrowing down your choices.


  1. steve says:

    this will help a lot the next time i shop for a ball. the last ball i bought, it was in a hurry and didn’t realize it was plastic.

    1. PerfectBowling.com says:

      Thanks, Steve. Glad you liked my post. Best of luck when buy your next bowling ball.

  2. Hector L says:

    Great Advice, Especially About Choosing The Right Weight! Thanks.

  3. Abélia says:

    I have always wondered if the ball made a difference in how well you played a round of bowling. After all, some people are pretty stingy about what ball they use when bowling. It’s good to know that a heavier bowling ball is not necessarily the best ball. Thank you for the advice. I will keep it in mind the next time I go bowling.

  4. Aaron says:

    This was really helpful especially being a amatur bowler it was very influential in my decsion making (as in being helpful) to picking the best ball for me so thanks!

  5. richard says:

    It is a good post for me. As a beginning bowler, one of the first things you’ll notice is how the experienced players seem to perform a ritual of sorts before they approach the lane to bowl. Bowling alleys are incredibly noisy places, so taking a moment to turn inward and gain your focus will help set you up for higher scores. Whether you wipe down your bowling ball, take a few deep breaths or rub your lucky rabbit’s foot and then spin three times clockwise, a pre-bowling ritual will calm you down, help you focus and give you better control over the ball.

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