About Us

Dear Bowling Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time and visiting Perfectbowling.com. My name is Benjamin and I am the owner, creator, and webmaster of this site. I would like to welcome you here and invite you to view all the pages I have worked hard to put together on the sport of bowling. This website was born out my enthusiasm and interest in the sport of bowling through my own personal experiences. In the years that I have been bowling, the highlights have been Sunday “all you can bowl for $10” nights with close friends, winning bowling teams in different bowling leagues, and just for the enjoyment of getting out on the lanes and feeling the rush when all the pins go flying for that perfect strike.

I enjoy the game so much, I decided to create a website on it. I want to share with others what I have learned about bowling and also to help others improve their game. Because…let’s face it….there is nothing like going to the lanes and bowling strike after strike. Especially when you are part of a team bowling together to win the league.

So if you are just like me and have a passion for bowling, this site was created just for you. But no matter what your skill level or experience in bowling, you will find great things that will make bowling more exciting.

Best Regards,
Bowling Enthusiast