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Adjusting Your Bowling Targeting

Every decent bowler knows that the same methods and approaches will not work every time, every house and every lane is going to be different. A determined bowler will need to find bowling adjustments to make sure they keep their game up to par and learn how to deal with different conditions; even if the problem is having a bad day and nothing else.  A best practice to employ in bowling adjustments is your sighting; where you are focusing your eyes as you throw the ball.

What is sighting the target?
Sighting the target is important in bowling adjustments.  When you are on the approach with bowling ball in hand, where are you looking?  Some people are pin bowlers, meaning they look at a pin they want to hit and go from there.  This isn’t usually the best method, however.  The most common way of sighting the target is to look at the bowling arrows on the lane and adjust your stand (where you start out on the approach) accordingly.  The goal of sighting the arrows is to aim your ball so that it will roll over the intended arrow and follow the best path to the pins. How you throw the ball, the speed and the amount of hook you throw will help determine what arrow you aim at; as well as whether you are going for a strike or a spare.

Thick oil on the lanes and bowling adjustment
Usually, if the lanes are heavy with oil then they haven’t been used since they were oiled.  Different levels of oil on the lanes will affect how your ball rolls and your end game. Making bowling adjustments by sighting your target differently can help to adjust for that problem. To help cut through the thick oil, you may want to have a shorter skid on your ball before it goes into the roll phase so it will cut through much of the oil first.  To do this, you might want to try adjusting your sighting of the arrows by setting your sight several inches in front of your target or arrow.  This bowling adjustment will have you already naturally compensating and throwing the ball out further to reach the target.

Other bowling adjustments to consider
As with the strategy for oil-thick lanes mentioned above, you can also adjust your bowling target by sighting several inches behind your target or arrow.  Performing this bowling adjustment will have you releasing the ball sooner and producing a longer skid before the bowling ball goes into the roll motion at the end.

If sighting targets in your bowling adjustment isn’t working, you can also try to reconsider where you are starting out on your approach.  Just a simple, slight move left or right with your feet can make a large difference.  Don’t try to make too big of an adjustment at first as that can completely throw off your came. Study how your ball is reacting when you throw it, where it is landing and where it hits the pins.  This will give you the knowledge of which direction you should begin the slight shift in footwork for your bowling adjustments to work in your favor.

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