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Bowling Exercises For A Better Game

While practicing your bowling techniques is always important, there are other things you can do that will also help improve your bowling game and average than just working on strikes. It is always important to make sure you continue to practice spare shots, different approaches and release and everything else involved in the sport, but with all that practice, injuries can be more prevalent. So to make sure you keep in top form, there are some exercises you can do to help improve yourself for the sport and your health in general.

Finger exercises for your bowling game
While there are so many components in bowling, the way you hold the ball and grip it with your fingers will have a huge impact on your game. Not everyone can practice bowling every day of the week, but there are different exercises you can do to help get your fingers and hands in shape for your bowling game. Of course, this exercise will only work if you have your own bowling ball. However, you can do this exercise any time you want, as long as you have your bowling ball with you. Simply stand in a room with your bowling ball in hand. Place your fingers in the bowling ball’s finger holes or grips, whichever you use, and take up your normal approach stance. Practice swinging the ball as you would at the foul line, but don’t take any steps in the process. The idea behind this is to get a better grip on the ball while also building up your finger and hand strength. Practice swinging the ball using mostly your fingers, arm and hand. Start from your regular approach method, usually with the bowling ball at waist or chest level, and let the ball swing down. As you bring the bowling ball back and upward, like you would if you were getting ready for the approach and release, concentrate on your fingers and make sure they have a good, tight grip. As you practice this, your fingers, hand and thumb will gain in strength, giving you not only better control of the bowling ball, but also helping to improve your game as you gain more control and help to prevent injuries and pain later.

Stretching exercises for bowlers
Stretching is important for all sports, including bowling; however, you don’t have to be at the bowling alley to do this exercise. Take some time each day to do a basic stretch with your back, arms and legs, and then progress it to include the movements you would make if you were actually bowling. You should not use your bowling ball in this exercise; instead, practice stretching in your release mode; the way you end up after you have thrown the bowling ball down the lane and ended up. As you stretch like this, you will be stretching these muscles and making it much more natural and graceful when it comes time for the games. Stretching out these muscles will also help prevent pains and aches, and even injuries, during an actual game. You can use a different combination of exercise, including your own inventions, to help relax and stretch certain muscles that are used during bowling. The important thing is to make sure you are being constructive and not trying to use your bowling ball as a weight lifting exercise, but instead a way to help control how you hold and release the bowling ball and strengthening your fingers and thumb grip.


  1. Marva says:

    I am right handed.my thumb was broke years ago . I am a senior. Sometime it hurts sometimes not. Can you fit the ball to my thumb where it won’t hurt on release .thank you

    1. PerfectBowling.com says:

      Since you have custom needs, I would recommend going to a local pro shop that you trust and talk to them about how a ball would be needed to be drilled to work for you.

    2. Scott says:

      Have you tried an interchangeable thumb insert? They come in a variety of sizes, depending on how much your thumb swells or doesn’t, and gives you a wide range of options depending on how your thumb is on that day. A little twist of the ball and out comes the slug. Very helpful for bowlers who’s fingers swell. Hope this helps…

  2. Jim says:

    I have small wrists,even though I do exercises to strengthen them,After bowling,and the next day they are very sore, whats best for me to relieve this

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