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Bowling Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Since bowling is not as high an impact sport as others, many people think that there’s little risk of injuring themselves during play. However, if you’re not careful, you can find yourself doing serious damage to your body. Use this list of common bowling injuries and how to avoid them to help you stay safe and healthy while playing.

Some General Bowling Safety Tips
Here are some general tips on how to prevent injuries at the bowling alley:

  • Make sure your bowling shoes are in good condition. Ideally, your shoes should be completely dry and able to slide easily.
  • Don’t use your back to lift your bowling ball. Instead, lift with your legs—bend your knees and engage your hips.
  • Don’t carry your bowling ball to the starting line by dragging it with your fingers already inserted. Instead, use your non-bowling arm to cradle it near your chest.
  • Don’t let your fingers get crushed by an incoming ball in the return tray!
  • Make sure your bowling ball is the right size for you. Choosing one that is too heavy can increase the strain on your wrist and back.
  • Dedicate some time each week to performing strength training exercises. Be sure to focus on important areas like your core and legs.

Common Bowling Injuries
Rupturing of the Achilles Tendon: This occurs when your Achilles tendon (located along the back of your foot) tears or completely snaps. Most of the time, injury occurs among people who are not typically very active. When bowling, you’re most likely to encounter an Achilles tendon tear as you push off at the beginning of the approach.

Bowler’s Tendonitis: While injury can occur in any body part, a bowler’s hands and wrists endure the most stress, and this can lead to often-debilitating tendonitis. This occurs when the tendons of the wrist become irritated or inflamed—resulting in the gradual buildup of pain that can lead to a severely-reduced range of motion. To help prevent the onset of bowler’s tendonitis be sure to not to push yourself too far too early in your bowling career. You may feel tempted to play game after game, but if you haven’t already built up the endurance to so, you’re actually not doing yourself any favors.

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