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Brunswick Mastermind Intellect Bowling Ball Review

brunswick-mastermind-intellectTechnical Specifications

Brand: Brunswick Lane Type: Heavy
Release Date: September 24, 2014 Finish: Polished
RG: 2.540 Coverstock: Solid Reactive
Differential: .052 Flare: High
Core Type: Ultra Low RG Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow


What It All Means

The Brunswick Mastermind Intellect bowling ball is not yet released at the time of this writing but it is a highly anticipated ball. It’s a solid performer that does well through the oil and has enough hook in the backend to power through the pins. It comes with a high polish finish so a high number grit paper is needed to keep the coverstock looking and performing great.


The Brunswick Mastermind Intellect bowling ball is a high performance bowling ball that works well for all bowling styles. Consistency is always key in bowling and having a ball that supports that concept. It’s a great ball for amateur and experienced bowlers alike. We recommend checking out Bowlingball.com if your ready for a solid performing ball.

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