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How To Combat Bad Bowling Days

Let’s face it, no matter how good you are, you are going to have bad days. That’s just a normal part of life; in work, social and of course sports. Even the best pro-sports players have bad days; the question is how do you deal with it and work through it so that you make a bad performance into a learning lesson and more productive?

Don’t lose your temper
When you start realizing that you’re having a bad day with your bowling game, remain calm. That is very important and something many bowlers aren’t all that great at accomplishing. Emotions take over and you are not only upset about your own bowling game, but also those on your team; feeling like you is letting them down as well.  Keep in mind that everyone has a bad day and you are not alone.  Most people on your team will understand; and, they will be more supportive and receptive if you keep your cool and not throw a tantrum.

When you lose your temper, it’s an almost guarantee that your bowling game will even suffer more. The angrier you get, the less you care as you become mad and the more mistakes you will make.  Try to focus on the game and your teammates instead of having a bad day. Reign the temper in and relax, enjoy the sport.

Don’t psych yourself out
Instead of getting angry, some bowlers instead turn within their selves and try to dissect what is going wrong with the game.  While this is perfectly fine as long as it is done on a healthy level, it can cause a lot of problems and really inhibit your bowling game if you focus too much on what might be going wrong. In short, don’t overthink it.  Try different things such as moving over a board on your approach, aiming for a spot a little to the side of the arrow you usually throw towards, change bowling balls if you use more than one; there are a lot of things to try, as long as you don’t spend all of your time thinking about it.  Remember to relax and have fun; your bowling game and experience will improve just by that alone.

Don’t make drastic changes to your bowling game
Although it is important to try different changes if your bowling game is suffering, it is equally important to make sure those changes aren’t so drastic you won’t be able to tell what is working and what isn’t.  Start off with small changes first.  Study your stance, your approach, your release and how the bowling ball is traveling down the lane.  Instead of trying to change every tactic at once, or drastically moving over three boards on your approach, try more subtitle changes until you discover where the problems may be located.

Again, it’s still important to remember that even though you keep your temper in check, don’t psych yourself out and don’t make drastic changes, you can still just be having an off day.  Accept it, enjoy the game and keep mental notes for the next time.  Everyone has a bad day every now and then; you cannot always expect to be on the top of your game every single game.


  1. Dawn Roberts says:

    Is it against the bowling rules for the whole team to bowl for one of their own team mates even if they are there and never bowled that night ?

    1. Dawn Roberts says:

      This team bowls for their team mate all the time and so far has gotten away with it which makes me mad.

    2. Barbie says:

      As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNIGINN!”

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