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How Important Is A Bowling Ball?

The bowling ball, obviously, is the most important aspects of the sport of bowling. Without a ball there is no game. However not every bowling ball is the same. But not everyone realizes just how important their chosen bowling ball is to not only their individual game, but also their continued improvement and bowling average.  While talent, skill and practice play important and necessary parts in bowling, finding a bowling ball that matches the individual style can take anyone’s game to the next level or go down in flames.

Common mistakes for new and intermediate bowlers
Beginning bowlers usually decide to start out with a regular house ball and practice from there, even including a house ball during their games under the misconception that it will help them get the practice and grasp of the sport before they decide to purchase a bowling ball of their own. But if you plan to bowl regularly or join a league, then having the right bowling ball is worth the initial investment.  Here are some basic reasons demonstrating the importance of having your own bowling ball.

1. House balls are generic and you usually will not be able to find the same ball every time you practice or play a game.

2.  House balls are not drilled so that the finger tips and/or grips will fit your fingers perfectly or have the correct hand span.

3.  The house bowling balls are used by many different people who all throw a different way. There are usually a lot of wear and tear on the balls, including chips and worn areas that make it very difficult to bowl accurately.

4. Finding the perfect weight for your own bowling ball on the house ball rack can be very difficult, especially when you need to find the right weight that includes properly fitting finger holes and palm span.

Benefits of purchasing your own bowling ball from the beginning
While some beginners or even intermediate bowlers may not feel it important enough to purchase a new bowling ball, those that are serious about the game will definitely want to. Not only are you getting a bowling ball designed specifically for you, you will also be able to maintain it properly and ensure consistency at least from your bowling ball.

A lot of Pro Shops provide help to those looking for a bowling ball; watching them practice and helping them to find just the right weight, balance, finger grips and so on that meets their needs and comfort zones.  As a new bowler, you may not even realize that a lighter or heavier ball would be better for you, but the Pro Shop’s specialist will be able to see this and help you pick the correct ball.

All new bowling balls are measured to fit your unique finger width and depth, the palm span needed and the weight most appropriate.  When you purchase your own bowling ball, you will also be able to get regular maintenance performed to keep it in the best conditions, and most importantly, you will be using the same, custom bowling ball, for games and practices which will improve your game, average and enjoyment.

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