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How To Keep Your Bowling Ball In Top Shape

Today’s bowling ball are far superior then their earlier predecessors. Yet with this superiority comes extra care and maintenance needed to keep them in peforming at peak performance. Bowling balls today are very porous and will absorb a lot of oil from the lanes. While oil is great for the lanes it is not so great for your ball. The lane oil often has dirt and debris that it picks up and can effect your ball in many ways. As your bowling ball absorbs oil it will go deeper and deeper in and bring that dirt with it. So the faster your ball absorbs oil the more you will have to clean it.

If you have ever looked at your bowling ball right after your shot you may notice a ring of oil around your ball. This is known as the oil track. It indicates where your ball is making contact with the lane. This is where most of the oil is being absorbed by your ball. On a side note, this oil track will help you understand how you are rolling the ball and, if it is necessary, to make some adjustments to improve your release. More on that in another article.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule
It is recommended that you clean your bowling ball with a wipe of your bowling towel followed by a few sprays of good ball degreaser after every bowling session. Sometime you can skip a cleaning session if the lanes were on the dry end and not very oily but you should get into the habit of cleaning your bowling ball on a regular basis. Following a regular cleaning schedule will increase the longevity of the ball as well as maintain its performance.

When extra cleaning is needed
As you bowl more it will become necessary to put your ball through some extra cleaning to get the dirt and oil that may be deep within your ball. There are 2 options available. First, you can take it to the pro shop and have them clean it. They have the necessary skill and products to do a more thorough and deeper cleaning. Also, they can make your ball regain some of its performance. Taking your bowling ball to the pro shop is similar to getting your car detailed. You don’t do it every time but only once in a while.

The second method is maybe not as efficient but it will save you some money. A simple trick is to take waterproof tape and tape up your finger holes so that they are air tight. Next, take a bucket of warm to hot water and place your bowling ball in it. Make sure the tape is water tight because any water that gets into your finger holes can diminish the performance of your bowling ball. Wait about 20 minutes and remove your ball. Completely dry the ball and remove the tape over the finger holes. Since oil floats in water, all the oil and dirt that is lodged in the pores of your ball will naturally be pulled out.

Protect your investment
Bowling balls are not cheap. If you spend the money to purchase a bowling ball then it is important to spend the money to take care of it. Cleaning your ball isn’t that hard and with the proper care and maintenance, your bowling ball can continue to provide you great performance for years to come. For the best in all things bowling, visit Bowlingball.com. They have great deals and everything you need to your bowling ball in top shape.


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