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Make Bowling Practice Fun

Let’s face it.  Not everyone wants to practice at getting better at bowling or just practice in general.  We just want to go to the lanes and bowl strikes again and again.  Well, the only way to bowl consecutive strikes is to practice.  Kind of a catch 22, huh?  But practice is important.  I think we can all agree on that whether we want to or not. Have you ever heard that saying…”How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice.” The same thing applies to bowling…you have to practice, practice, practice. So to help make bowling practices a bit more exciting and fun, here a just a few ideas on what you can do.

Bowling with a friend
So if we have to practice, might as well make it fun.  What’s more fun than bowling with a friend?  Especially if you have a friend that has the same skill as you or, better yet, who is better.  Because if they are a better bowler, then you can learn from them and get better yourself.  Also, having someone with you will break up the repetitive feeling you might experience when bowling alone.  You can bounce techniques off of each other or share practice tips.  But the biggest benefit has to be that you will have someone to watch your form and spot any thing that need to be fixed.

Turn practice into a game
No one ever said that practice has to be boring.  So now that you have a buddy willing to practice with you, there are a lot of different ways to work on different parts of your bowling game while making a game of it.  For example, let’s say you and your buddy want to work on precision shots like only hitting the corner pins (7 and 10 pins).  So have a contest to see who can hit the 7 and 10 pins cleanly in a 10 frame series.  So for the first ball you try to hit the 7 pin and in the second roll you try and hit the 10 pin. You score a point for each 7 pin and 10 pin you hit but only if you don’t hit any other pins.  So in a 10 frame series, the maximum score you are shooting for is 20 points…1 point for the 7 pin and 1 point for the 10 pin.  Here’s the best part, you can place a bet on who wins.  So for example, maybe make a bet that the loser has to buy the winner dinner.  Maybe play for beers.  But whatever incentive you use, it’s best to keep it friendly and not for any money.  After all, you want to stay friends.

In the end, remember, you don’t have to practice alone and you can make it fun.  You just have to be creative and have good friends that want to have fun at bowling practice.  Bowling is a social sport and the best way to make it fun is to be social.
Hopefully these ideas will help spark other ways for you to personalize your bowling practice and have fun at the same time.


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