buying your first bowling ballFEATURED POST - Buying Your First Bowling Ball
So you decided it is time to get your own brand new customized bowling ball. Buying your first bowling ball is something that you will always remember. It is also an experience not to take lightly. But not everyone needs to go out and buy the latest and greatest technologically advanced bowling ball out there. The bowling ball you select will be based on a number of factors but none of them should be based on what the hottest ball technology currently is. CONTINUE READING -->

DV8 Marauder Mutiny Bowling Ball

Technical Specifications
Brand: DV8 Lane Type: Medium
Release Date: July 31, 2013 Finish: Polished
RG: 2.574 Coverstock: Pearl Reactive
Differential: 0.050 Flare: High
Core Type: Symmetric Colors: Orange, Black
What It All Means The DV8 Marauder Mutiny bowling ball is the next step in the evolution of the Marauder line. If you thought the Marauder Madness had amazing backend power, then...

Proper Bowling Exercises to Prevent Injury

Most people don’t consider bowling to be a particularly dangerous sport, especially when it’s compared to other, more violent ones, like football or boxing. However, while physical contact with other players may be nonexistent in this sport, that doesn’t mean that bowling doesn’t pose some risk of bodily injury. Thankfully, there are some simple exercises that require minimal equipment that can improve your health and...

3 Bowling Myths Debunked

Many times when people don’t enjoy their bowling experience it’s because the expectations they have for the sport are not met. This list of common bowling myths has been created in the hopes of giving people a more realistic view of what bowling actually entails. Keep reading to see if your views on this fascinating sport have been skewed by false information. Myth #1: The Heavier...