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Selecting A Bowling Ball By Weight

Bowling ballsObtaining a good bowling average and game is not just in the way you approach and release, although those are very important aspects of the game as well.  The type of bowling ball you use is actually one of the most crucial elements for the game, and making sure you have the right bowling ball weight is important for a well-balanced game and continued success and improvement. Selecting a bowling ball by weight might be confusing to some, especially if you are new to the game, so here are a few tips to help in selecting the right bowling ball weight for you.

Many first time bowlers like to use the ‘house’ bowling balls.  House bowling balls are provided by the bowling alley for free and range in weight anywhere from six pounds to sixteen pounds.  They are pre-drilled, so finding the right weight may be easier than finding a ball that matches your fingers and hand span.  If bowling is something that you plan to take serious, or at least invest good amount of time in, then using a house ball would not be the best idea.  Instead, you should purchase your own bowling ball and have a professional pro shop helper help you in selecting bowling ball weight for you.

Choosing a good bowling ball weight for children can be pretty simple.  For young children, matching the bowling ball weight to the child’s age is a good way to find one that will work.  For example, a six pound ball for a six year old, a ten pound ball for a ten year old and so on.  Teenagers should start out at at least with a ten to thirteen pound ball, while adults should likely start out with a fourteen pound ball.  Seniors and elderly will likely use a ball that is a little lighter, so a ten to thirteen pound ball would probably be best to start with.

The heavier a ball is, the more impact it has in the pocket and on the pins.  However, not everyone can successfully handle a sixteen pound ball, and trying to use a ball that is too heavy can actually end up causing injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder, not to mention the negative effects it will have on your game.

Before settling on a specific weight of a bowling ball, try experimenting with the house balls to find a weight that is comfortable for you.  Keep in mind, however, that when you purchase your own ball, it will not feel exactly the same because the finger holes and hand span will be drilled specifically for you.  Once you’ve found an appropriate weight that feels good, that you can handle without difficulty and that works well with your approach and release, then seek out the pro shop specialist who will likely observe the chosen weighted ball and your response to it.  They will then specialize the ball just for you.

Choosing a bowling ball weight is not just important for a good game and to improve your average and game; it is important to help prevent injuries as well.  If you plan to become involved in bowling, it is recommended that you purchase your own ball with the right weight and drilled to your unique span and fingers.


  1. I liked that you had mentioned that using a ball that’s purchasing your own bowling ball is a great idea to make sure that it can properly fit your fingers. I used to bowl all the time when I was younger and I want to take my son bowling to see if it’s something he likes. If my son likes bowling I might buy him his own ball to make sure that he can improve quickly, I’ll have to find an alley to take him to.

    1. PerfectBowling.com says:

      I have fond memories of bowling with my dad so I can related. Let us know how it goes with your son.

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