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Storm Vivid Bowling Ball Review

Technical Specifications

Brand: Storm Lane Type: Heavy
Release Date: March 1, 2012 Finish: Sanded
RG: 2.52 Coverstock: Reactive Resin
Differential: .050 Flare: High
Core Type: Asymmetric Colors: Green, Blue, Black

Storm VividWhat It All Means

The Storm Vivid contains a brand new asymmetrical core design to work with any type of bowler. Storm has also created a new coverstock with what they call nanotechnology that refers to the surface texture of the ball giving it a better ‘grip’ on the lanes. Having this extra grip gives the Vivid the ability to carry through heavy oil and then some.

Drilling the bowling ball can be done using standard asymmetric techniques. We recommend always seeking a pro shop you know and trust to do the drilling.


The Storm Vivid bowling ball is great ball for bowlers that need that extra power early before entering the pin deck. Bowlingball.com has a great deal on them. You can get free shipping and free insurance.

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