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What Every Bowling Bag Should Have

Part of being a great bowler is to have the proper equipment and supplies in your bowling bag. You never want to be in a situation where not having something like grip tape, can cause you to have a bad release which leads to losing the game. By being prepared with the right supplies, you can focus on your game and not on your equipment.

I have omitted the bowling ball, bowling shoes, and bowling bag as these should be already considered the “heart” of your equipment list. Each bowling accessory list builds on the previous list. So you should start by stocking your bowling bag with the “must have” list then move to the next list of bowling accessories and so on.

“Must have” list

Grip tape – helps the thumb come out of the ball easier and keeps it from slipping out prematurely.

Bowling towel – useful to wipe excess oil from your bowling ball.

Ball cleaner – keeping your ball clean means keeping it in top shape to last longer and perform better.

Grip sac – helps keeps hands dry so your bowling ball doesn’t slip.

Skin patches – when blisters happen, these will definitely come in handy.

“Good to have” list

Easy slide – this is a light powder/resin when applied, allows the thumb to easily exit the bowling ball.

Shoe brush – when your shoe pads start to stick and you loosing your slide, a quick brush of the pads can help.

Shoe covers – these are also known as “booties”. These slip over your bowling shoes when you need to leave the bowling area so that the bottoms stay clean and free from debris when you return.

“Could use” list

Tape insert tool – this is useful if you have difficulty applying tape into your ball or frequently apply tape into any of the finger holes.

Accessories carrying case – if you have a lot of small accessories, this can keep all of them from getting lost inside your bowling bag.

Round rasp file – sometimes you may need to make some adjustment to your thumb hole during a game. Using this file can help open up your thumb hole to allow for more room.

Wrist support – these come in a wide variety of styles and support options. Generally the purpose of wrist supports is to keep your arm and hand in alignment and provide a consistent release.


  1. Sherri Brenner says:

    This is perfect! I have always wanted to know what was essential and what wasn’t to best accessorize my bowling bag. Thanks for addressing that very issue.

  2. samantha carlson says:

    I appreciate dividing up the list the way you did. Helps me to know what order I should be buying my bowling accessories in since I can’t purchase everything at once.

  3. E. Mitchell says:

    what about a waterproof cover for the bagĀ£

    1. Dr. Mike Lavec says:

      ^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Auburn lanes 7:00. ANYONE!!!!!!!

  4. Sara Snyder says:

    A couple things extra to pack if you’re a girl I’ve learned over the years are hair ties, bobby pins, a headband and a nail clipper. So many times hair has been in my eyes or the atmosphere is so hot that I need to get it off my face or neck. A nail clipper is for those pesky hang nails that make bowling a tad painful. Hope this helps ladies!

  5. I always keep a nail clipper and a hair band in my bag..

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